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About Trogir

The historical heritage of Trogir is a unique monument of culture. An extract from the UNESCO World Heritage List report states “Trogir is a remarkable example of urban continuity. The orthogonal street plan of this island settlement dates back to the Hellenistic period and it was embellished by successive rulers with many fine public and domestic buildings and fortifications. Its beautiful Romanesque churches are complemented by the outstanding Renaissance and Baroque buildings from the Venetian period”

When compared with Dubrovnik and Split, both also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Trogir is recognised as being superior in terms of its authenticity; it has not been subject to the same degree of restoration and reconstruction. It is also in many ways a more integrated town, as the town of the early 21st century clearly demonstrates, a gradual and organic growth since its foundation in the Hellenistic period of the 3rd century BC.

Some important Trogir sites are:
• The marble relief Kairos (acc. to Greek mythology „god of a happy moment“) from 4th/3rd century B.C.
• Historical city core, with about 10 churches and numerous buildings from 13th century
• The city gate (17th cent.) and city walls (15th cent.)
• The Kamerlengo Castle and St. Mark's Tower from 15th century
• The Duke's Palace (13th century)
• The main town square where St. Lawrence’s Cathedral, the Communal Palace, the Church of St. Sebastian with the town clock and the Little and Great Cipiko Palaces are placed.
• The cathedral from the 13th century with the famous Portal
• The city loggia from 15th century
• The St. Dominic Dominican monastery from 14th - 15th century

About Seget Donji

Seget Donji is an old fishermen village 2 km West from Trogir, easily reachable from Trogir by road or by foot. Seget is known as the „Middle of the Adriatic“– it is geographically placed in the middle of Adriatic coast. The Seget area is characterised by lavish green vegetation and Mediterranean climate.

A great seashore, with lovely beaches and a seaside promenade which stretches from the old town of Seget Donji to the Medena hotel complex, is used by locals and tourists for walking and jogging. The Medena area provides sport and recreation facilities – tennis, basketball, football, beach volleyball, mini golf, jogging, ping-pong, water sports – ski jet, surfing, water parachuting etc

Seget provides the holiday outside of a busy life; and is still in the vicinity of cultural centres. Seget also offers its own cultural heritage:

• The quadrangular citadel with corner towers dates from 1564.
• The Baroque parish church from 1758 houses a Gothic painted cross from the 14th century and a wooden triptych
• The small church of St. Vitus (12th-13th c.) in Gornji Seget
• The Renaissance square tower (from 1516), which rises in the field between Seget and Trogir
• St. Elias Hill, 2 km from Seget, has stone pits where white stone has been excavated since the Roman times to the present day.